General Questions

  • Where are you located?
    • We're based in Arizona, United Stated.
  • How do you package live fish?
    • We carefully catch each fish and ensure that it is healthy and free of disease or deformity. The fish are placed in bags containing a light dose of stress-reducing medication and a small piece of filter to absorb waste. The bags are oxygenated and tied or rubber-banded, then a second bag is added to reduce the likelihood of spills and leaks. The bags are placed systematically in a box size comfortable enough to house the entire order, and newsprint, insulation, or another form of padding is used as extra insulation, space-filler, and water absorbent.
  • I'm local, can I pickup my order?
    • Not currently, we're home breeders and aren't open to the idea right now.

Shipping Questions

  • How much is shipping?
    • For standard fish orders shipping is $20-25 depending on the time of year and $6 for plants. Prices may vary for larger orders.
  • When will my order be shipped out once my order is placed?
    • We ship monday-wednesdays excluding holidays. You will receive a tracking number the day the order is shipped.
  • My package has been delayed - will the fish be alright?
    • It really comes down to weather and the length of the delay. Usually a slight delay will not cause any harm.
  • Where do your fish ship from?
    • Everything is bred, raised and shipped from Arizona.
  • Who are the package handlers, and where can they deliver?
    • We use USPS 2-3 day Priority shipping and ship anywhere in the continental US.
  • What are the weather restrictions?
    • As long as it is above 30 degrees in your area and a heat pack is purchased in cold weather we can ship year round with no issues.

Placing an order

  • Is there a minimum order?
    • No.
  • How do I buy fish?
    • Fish may be ordered directly from the website. We organize our fish into categories, such as Guppies or Shrimp. When viewing a fish, there will be variants, such as size, sex, and quantity. Size is listed in inches and measured from tip to tip. 3-4” means three to four inches, 1.5”+ means 1.5” or greater, typically within an inch. Sex is listed as Unsexed, Male, Female, or several combinations. Unsexed means the fish is not able to be sexed at that size or we do not guarantee sexing. We are happy to take requests for specific sexes. Male and Female fish will be listed as such. Combinations include Pair (one male and one female), Trio (one male and two females), and Breeder Packs (one male and three females). Quantity is 1 fish unless otherwise noted (Pair is 2 fish, etc.). When greater than 1 fish, quantity will be listed.
  • Will my fish, shrimp, or plants look like the pictures?
    • The majority of fish on our website will look like their photos upon their unboxing. Fish change in appearance depending on many factors, including mood, age, gender, and social status. Fish will naturally lose color during shipping and may appear faded upon arrival. Pictures are used as examples only. Pictures may be of mature fish with full color or juvenile fish without color. We encourage you to research the species as much as possible prior to ordering in order to familiarize yourself with the various appearances they may take on. Many species have females that look drastically different to their male counterparts, and many juveniles will not have as much color (or different colors) as their adult forms. If you have questions about how the fish will look, please review their information and email us if you have any questions.
  • Can I make changes to my order after placing it?
    • Addition of items is accepted but not guaranteed, as the order may be packed already and we are unable to re-open the box before the carrier arrives. Please send an email if you wish for an addition to the order.
  • Can you hold my order until my tank is ready?
    • Within reason, yes.

Live Arrival Guarantee and other Order Problems

  • Do you have a Dead On Arrival (DOA) policy?
    • Yes. DOA (Dead On Arrival) Policy: We Guarantee Live Arrival on ALL of our fish! If there is an incident where your fish are delivered "dead on arrival" please send 2 clear pictures of the fish in the unopened original bag to taylor@bishopaquatics.com. The shipping fee is non-refundable.
  • My order was missing items - are they coming separately?
    • If you believe you are missing an item for your order, please thoroughly check the box. Often, bags may be hidden under insulation. If you cannot find the item, please contact us immediately with a brief description. In the event of a missing item, store credit or a refund for that item will be offered. If you believe there are fewer fish in the bag than you ordered, please document the unopened bag with a video or pictures clearly showing the number of fish. Send this documentation to us within 2 hours of delivery.
  • What if the fish I ordered doesn't look right
    • We thoroughly inspect all orders to find any issues with your fish prior to shipping them out, including deformities, incorrect species, or size discrepancies. If you believe something slipped through the seams, please contact us immediately upon receiving your order with a description of the issue and photos and/or videos of the issue.